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Red-Pill is about truth and justice, for far too long, the United States has been infiltrated by some very evil yet crafty Allegory anti American infiltrators are hell bent on taking over America as far away from this nation’s founding principles passed on to us by the founding fathers. their socialist agenda has no place in America, these creatures are all for open boarders and criminals entering our nation, they cry racist when anyone question their motives but make no mistake, they do not give a rats ass about immigrants legal or otherwise, they need votes to stay in power and sadly, they rely heavily on a docile citizen in order to keep up with their charades, thankfully, the American people ae finally waling up to what it is these criminals are really up to and there plans although somewhat crafty will never fly in the face of truth. Red-Pilled  means The buck stops here and a new day is now upon us, America is being reenergized like never before with Trump and the many real American Patriots supporting him, America is once again being returned to We The People